New Member Project

finished with signOn Saturday, May 21st, the JLBC New Member class completed their Done in a Day project at The Berkshire County Kids’ Place and Violence Prevention Center in Pittsfield, MA. The class designed and painted a mural on their hallway wall. By creating the mural, the JLBC helped foster a welcoming environment for the children visiting and receiving services at The Kids’ Place. The goal of the mural is simple but impactful; each child the organization serves will have the ability to place their hand print on the mural, which is a large tree with a grassy background. The child can make a leaf, butterfly, or flower using their hand, thus leaving a mark on the organization just as The Kids’ Place has left a lasting mark on the child. As the years go on and the tree gains more leaves, it will be reminder to the staff of their good work and a reminder to the children that they are not alone.


This project was funded through the JLBC, sustainer donations, and L.P. Adams.

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